Vendor Landscape: Mid-Market ERP

New players are taking ERP from just transactions, to business actions.

Last Revised: March 6, 2012


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What is a shortlist?

A shortlist is a personalized list of vendors based on the criteria you define. Your shortlist offers more information about vendor's strengths, weaknesses, price-points, etc, and ranks them according to your needs.

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What is a Value Score?

The Value Score indexes each vendor’s product offering and business strength relative to their price point. It does not indicate vendor ranking.

Vendors that score high offer more bang for the buck (e.g. features, usability, stability, etc.) than the average vendor, while the inverse is true for those that score lower.

Price-conscious enterprises may wish to give the Value Score more consideration than those who are more focused on specific vendor/product attributes.

Your Challenge

  • Explore ERP vendors other than SAP and Oracle to ensure that your organization has considered and reviewed a variety of vendor offerings.
  • Due to the many mid-market vendors, narrowing options to an appropriate vendor shortlist can be a significant challenge.
  • Core ERP functions are straightforward, and every vendor can provide them. To select the best fit vendor, align specific vendor strengths with your specific business plan.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Focus on data management tools. ERP, as a whole, has stayed static in the mid-market. However, the features offered have begun to change to allow for the automation of data management.
  • The long term value of your ERP solution will be in the associated analytics packages. ERP is moving beyond traditional recording of transactional data to include analytics and workflow automation.
  • Ease of use is becoming an important aspect to consider for the mid-market. While recording and managing data is still the main use of ERP, usability and user interface are becoming key differentiators.

Impact and Result

  • Use Info-Tech's Vendor Landscape for Mid-Market ERP to achieve maximum value for the enterprise by selecting the right ERP feature set.
  • Info-Tech's Vendor Landscape for Mid-Market ERP shortens selection time by examining pre-screened vendors appropriate for mid-sized enterprises.
  • Save time and effort during the vendor selection process, and focus on the challenges of implementation.


Rob Brennan, UWO


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