Vendor Landscape: Casino Management Systems

Don’t take a gamble on the most important system in the casino.


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Your Challenge

  • Casino Management Systems (CMS) have become more than just slot management, but the market remains dominated by a handful of vendors.
  • While many smaller, independent vendors have developed scaled-down CMS products, established vendors have maintained a stranglehold in North American casinos with full-function solutions.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • The CMS should be your single version of the truth for all customer data, whether customers are playing in your brick-and-mortar, booking a room in the hotel from a mobile app, or playing online from their home. Integrate these systems now so you don’t have to reconcile data later.
  • Online gaming regulations are fast approaching (or have already arrived in some states). Now is the time to decide if your existing CMS partner can accommodate this new wave – if it cannot, find someone who can and start building the necessary integrations before it’s too late.

Impact and Result

  • Shortlist top CMS vendors and their products based on requirements for trends such as mobile, bonusing, and server-based gaming.
  • Save time and money by using Info-Tech’s Vendor Landscape to compare and contrast the major CMS vendors, and then create a shortlist of the most appropriate vendors.

Vendor Landscape: Casino Management Systems


Understand the CMS market space

Evaluate CMS solutions, their capabilities, and weaknesses.


Review CMS solutions

Develop a shortlist of best-fit CMS tools to speed the selection process.