Implement Effective Employee Development Planning

Engage employees to own and plan their development.


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Your Challenge

  • Managers don’t always have time to work on development planning, causing employees to feel under-appreciated and disengaged. In McLean & Company’s engagement survey, only 50% of employees felt they were encouraged to pursue their career development.
  • Often, when managers think about development planning, they think about it from a formal training perspective and don’t always consider the many other more effective, on-the-job forms of development.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Engage your employees to own their career development with managers providing guidance and support.
  • Employee development is not a once-a-year discussion, it must be ongoing throughout the year with monthly check-in meetings to review goals and provide feedback and coaching.
  • Employees must own the process with their managers providing support and guidance.
  • Having employees and managers working together on development initiatives will increase employee engagement and empower your employees.
  • Effective development benefits all stakeholders, not just employees and managers. It leads to increased organizational revenue due to improved employee performance and assists with succession planning by identifying future leaders.
  • Using on-the-job training reduces costs associated with sending employees to external training programs and results in more successful development outcomes.

Impact and Result

  • Increase employee engagement scores.
  • Decrease employee turnover.
  • Gain higher productivity and a more engaged workforce.

Implement Effective Employee Development Planning


Understand the benefits of implementing employee development

Make the case for training, prepare development planning, and prepare for career development conversations.


Make the case

Understand how employee development affects employee engagement


Prepare for employee development planning

Learn the development planning framework, understand employee and manager roles and accountabilities, learn how to create development goals, and review varies types of development.


Prepare for career development conversations

Learn how to give feedback using the 3C’s feedback model.

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Published: June 24, 2014
Last Revised: June 24, 2014