Establish an Effective IT Steering Committee

Make sure you have the right passengers on board.

Your Challenge

  • Many organizations contemplate forming an IT steering committee to better align IT investments with business strategy, but most don't know where to start.
  • Without clear tasks and objectives, and strong executive participation, IT steering committees are doomed to be ineffective and short lived.
  • This solution set will help you build the case for IT steering, focus your IT steering objectives, and get your steering committee started on the right track.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • IT steering committees are unsuccessful when there is a lack of real decision making authority and representation on the body. If you don't have executive participation, don't bother.
  • The most effective IT steering committees are kept small and meet monthly. IT must be prepared to adopt the role of enabler or facilitator, not owner or sponsor.

Impact and Result

  • Identify the key governance activities in which IT steering committees can deliver real enterprise value - and which activities are best left to other teams.
  • Recognize common real world pitfalls so that you can successfully design and run an IT steering committee that works - and lasts.


Five organizations contributed information to assist with the development of this solution set. Due to the sensitivity of the information, all contributors requested confidentiality.

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Get to Action

  1. Establish an effective IT steering committee

    Build the case for IT steering; focus your IT steering objectives and get your steering committee on track.

  2. Build the case for IT steering

    Communicate the value of a cross-functional IT decision making team.

  3. Focus your IT steering objectives

    Emphasize the committee's role in IT strategy and investment decisions.

  4. Get your steering committee on track

    Define the mandate and tasks of the new IT steering committee.

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