The Software Purchasing Process: Just Add Requirements

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The purchasing of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software can and should be approached with the same discipline as custom software development projects. IT should follow a disciplined purchasing process and it must include requirements gathering as an essential component. Without requirements, IT cannot understand business needs. This note covers the following topics:

•    Step-by-step software procurement plan from objective setting to deployment.
•    How to use requirements to select an optimal solution.
•    When to use requirements elicitation and how much time to invest.

Use an acquisition plan informed by requirements in order to find a software solution that meets business needs.


  • Missing comment
    Steve Zimmerman | 09-26-2010

    does anyone have a deployment project plan for deploying commercial of the shelf software afterthe purchase?

    • 9eb6a2810126f534ebf65557616f34d1 comment
      Info-Tech Research Group | 10-29-2010

      Thanks for your comment. You may be able to use the OptimizeIT Project Management tools in the Plan the Project section. Also, maybe something can

      be re-tooled from the OptimizeIT App Maintenance section under Change Execution Management. We hope this helps.

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