Storyboard: Optimize Requirements Gathering to Effectively Serve the Business


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Optimize Requirements Gathering to Effectively Serve the Business Storyboard
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Proper requirements management is a challenge that has plagued IT managers for decades. The cost of poor requirements are not trivial: project overruns, insufficient delivery of business value, and damage to IT’s reputation.

This research will help you:

  • Create a target state for optimizing your requirements gathering processes.
  • Diagnose your current state and identify (and prioritize) gaps that exist between the target requirements gathering model and your current capabilities and processes.
  • Build a new requirements gathering SOP that provides a framework for requirements gathering governance and technology usage, as well as prescribes techniques for elicitation, analysis, and validation.

Organizations need to take a systematic approach to identifying the pitfalls in their requirements gathering methodology and develop a robust set of standard operating procedures that specify elicitation, analysis, and validation techniques.

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