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Focus on Project Management Essentials

For successful projects, focus on the essentials.


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Your Challenge

  • Satisfaction with IT project outcomes is very low.
  • Effective project management is critical yet organizations resist it.
  • It seems excessively complex and many believe it requires high effort or expense.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

Clear success criteria, a capable project manager, high level planning of activities and resources, and an active approach to managing progress are more important than formalized frameworks, certified project managers or complex software.

Impact and Result

This solution set will help you:
• Understand the Project Management Essentials.
• Implement the essentials to improve project success rate.
• Provide tools and templates for successful project planning, monitoring, and communication.

Research & Tools

1. Understand the essentials

Improve project success with minimal pain or change.

2. Develop a project plan and track progress

Ensure adequate project progress tracking and accountability.

3. Conduct a project kick-off meeting

Ensure understanding of team member responsibilities to create consistent stakeholder expectations.

4. Manage progress and update plan

Ensure that the project progresses well.

5. Keep management informed

Ensure that the organization is ready to leverage the results.

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