Extend SharePoint to Overcome Key Challenges

Third-party products for administration, content management, mobile, and social address common use-case challenges.


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Your Challenge

  • SharePoint is widely deployed and can serve many functions, but its size challenges its optimal use.
  • The potential uses of SharePoint make getting the most out of a deployment problematic. Many clients struggle with determining where they should begin.
  • The variety of available vendors makes deciding on how to proceed difficult, even when the key problems of SharePoint are defined.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • SharePoint 2010 has alleviated many of the core technical concerns with SharePoint 2007, but the problems of sprawl and user adoption remain.
  • Successful SharePoint deployments utilize third-party vendors to mitigate its problems.
  • Each deployment of SharePoint is unique and needs to be customized; however, the number of different solutions that are needed can be managed easily.

Impact and Result

  • Define SharePoint’s most common challenges and the SharePoint functions that cause them.
  • Understand the five most common issues: content management, workflow, administration, mobile, and social.
  • Define the third-party vendors and their offerings in the context of each problem.

Extend SharePoint to Overcome Key Challenges


Optimize my current SharePoint deployment

Extend SharePoint to overcome challenges.


Identify the processes and add-ons that will extend the function of my SharePoint deployment

A prioritized list of technical features to focus on in my SharePoint deployment.