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(26-Oct-09) Italian energy-services firm Saipem isn't taking the troubled economy lying down. Instead, it's focusing on making better use of existing staff.

While many companies have reacted to the current economy with layoffs and cutbacks, Saipem has instead improved its ability to deploy staff to targeted projects. This improvement now applies to hundreds of projects being worked on by the many offices and companies that are part of the Saipem group.

Saipem, a Milan-based unit of Italian corporation Eni S.p.A., provides onshore and offshore services for the oil industry — drilling, maintenance and operations in some of the world's most difficult mining areas, including remote areas and deep water. With more than 35,000 employees in some 35 countries, Saipem needed a resource management tool to help its managers determine which office can best execute a specific project. Saipem also needed help planning and tracking its vast, blended workforce, which includes both internal employees and third-party contractors.

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