Mid-Range Servers for Small Enterprises: Dell, HP, IBM, and Sun

The small enterprise data center now has a wide choice of x64-based mid-range servers from which to choose. In the North American market, the Tier 1 vendors in mid-range servers include Dell, HP, IBM, and Sun. The product differentiation has virtually disappeared since these vendors all utilize the same x64-based processors and offer a wide range of hardware options. To select a server, the enterprise must now consider not just the hardware options, but more nebulous features.


This note discusses the mid-range servers offered by these vendors for quick reference and comparison. In addition, it discusses the differentiators between the vendors in their offerings, such as:

  • Power and Cooling Management.
  • High Availability Configuration.
  • Remote Support Capabilities.
  • Service and Support.

Each vendor offers some level of options in all of these areas, so even here the mid-range server market is becoming commoditized. This provides the SME greater choice and greater control over the server selection process.

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