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IT Governance Stakeholder Communication Planning Tool

Create personal communication plans to provide individualized engagement, instead of assuming that everyone will respond to the same communication style.

IT Governance Implementation Plan

Create an implementation roadmap to organize a plan for the redesign.

Engagement Program Plan

Use this tool throughout the process of improving employee engagement to build an action plan for your project.

Idea Reservoir Tool

Incubate ideas in this Idea Reservoir, and use it to rank ideas based on their alignment with current organizational innovation goals.

Leadership Skills Metric Tracking Tool

Document program metric figures and track them over time to measure program success.

Leadership Skills Development Assessment

Use Info-Tech’s Leadership Skills Assessment tool to determine your leadership skill target state goals.

IT Competency Library

Use this tool to learn about IT competencies and develop your organization's own functional IT competency framework.

IT Organizational Design Capability Assessment

The IT Organizational Design Capability Assessment is used to help prioritize IT capabilities for the new organization structure.

Comprehensive Competency Library

The IT Competency Library is a resource used to help select required competencies for each position in the new IT organization.

IT Organizational Design Project Roadmap Tool

The IT Organizational Design Project Roadmap Tool is used to guide your organization through a successful implementation of the new organizational structure.
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