Develop and Implement a Security Risk Management Program

The first step to successfully securing your business.

Onsite Workshop

A non-existent security risk management program can result in:

  • Increased threats and opportunities.
  • Over- or under-spending on security controls.
  • Misallocation of resources or over-engineering your security architecture.

A security risk management program can result in:

  • Better alignment with business goals
  • More secure assets
  • Better compliance adherence

Module 1: Define the Information Security Risk Management Program

The Purpose

  • Create definitions around how your organization understands risks
  • Identify roles and responsibilities
  • Communicate program to key players

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Assets documented
  • Comprehensive understanding of program steps
  • Strategy developed over effective communication

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Establish definitions
  • Security Risk Management Methodology
1.2 Document assets
  • Security Risk Management Workbook
1.3 Understand threats and vulnerabilities
1.4 Review program steps
1.5 Communicate the program

Module 2: Conduct a Security Risk Assessment

The Purpose

  • Get a clear vision of what your organization is truly facing in terms of risks.
  • Get prepared to prioritize risks for mitigation.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Big picture of your real risks is established.
  • Better idea of which risks are truly concerning and which ones you might be able to safely accept.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Identify security risks
  • Security Risk Management Workbook
2.2 Classify security vulnerabilities
2.3 Classify security threats

Module 3: Develop a Risk Mitigation Plan

The Purpose

  • Identify what risks your organization truly needs to mitigate and which they can accept without much negative impact.
  • Establish which controls are needed.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Prioritized list of risks to tackle.
  • Mitigation plan roadmap.
  • Strategic controls identified.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Prioritize identified risks
  • Security Risk Management Workbook
3.2 Make strategic decisions on mitigating identified risks
3.3 Architect appropriate security controls to reduce security risks
3.4 Estimate resources and readiness
3.5 Build your roadmap

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