Get IT in Line with Organizational Needs

Determine the appropriate IT maturity level.


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Your Challenge

  • IT leaders need to formalize process, stabilize technology, and bring key people on board.
  • IT goals and priorities that are not aligned with the corporate strategy are counter-productive and lead to lost money, high grief, and wasted time.
  • Achieving alignment with organizational plans requires the organization to have those plans laid out ahead of time.
  • Ninety-six percent of respondents believe that IT activities and the IT department maturity level must be aligned with business priorities and plans, but only 41% are actually parallel.
  • Every IT department needs to match its maturity level with the needs and wants of the organization, not the desires and interests of the IT team.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • There are three levels of IT maturity: firefighter, housekeeper, and innovator.
  • Reaching top maturity is often the goal of IT, but in order to be effective, IT must aim for what is needed by the business.
  • IT’s maturity level should be matched to the organization’s priorities. Not every organization needs the same things out of its IT department.
  • Most organizations aren't ready for top maturity. But when the organization can support an innovative culture, everyone will benefit from IT getting there.
  • High organizational maturity means standardization, strong communication between IT and the business, presence of effective planning mechanisms, and the optimization of IT skills and resources, all of which lead to high IT success.

Impact and Result

  • Identify your IT department’s current maturity level using people, process, and technology indicators.
  • Determine the ideal maturity level for the organization in order to complete a gap analysis.
  • Analyze the readiness of both the organization and the IT department to bridge the gap and move into alignment with organizational needs.

Get IT in Line with Organizational Needs


Determine current and ideal IT maturity levels

Align IT with the needs of the business.


Identify the IT maturity level gap and assess organizational readiness to bridge that gap

Decide whether immediate action is necessary and can be taken.

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Published: September 22, 2011
Last Revised: September 30, 2011