Reintroduce the Information Lifecycle to the Content Management Strategy

Content is exploding; ensure it is a firework and not a powder keg.


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Your Challenge

  • Understanding what content is valuable to the enterprise is increasingly difficult for IT.
  • What content should be managed and how to enhance information sharing is a complicated issue.
  • The tension between compliance and user access means that IT often manages a complex technical environment.
  • IT needs to provide the technical solution to control content growth or risk having a ticking time-bomb on its hands.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Information movement (not content type) is the key to successful management.
  • Not all content is valuable; the enterprise as a whole must decide what is valuable.
  • Build a system that controls content movement securely.

Impact and Result

  • Slow the growth of enterprise content by defining personally important versus enterprise important content.
  • Increase user productivity by enforcing classification on important content.

Reintroduce the Information Lifecycle to the Content Management Strategy


Understand the impact of new content types

Design and define the organization's enterprise content management needs.


Understand where the biggest risks are for an ECM

Choose the technical requirements for the organization's ECM.


Plan an ECM selection

Ensure that the organization picks the application that meets its needs.