Grow Your Own PPM Solution – Executive Brief

You need a project portfolio management tool that promotes the maintenance and flow of good data to help you succeed in these tasks. Commercial vendors offer powerful and compelling options, but they are costly and, in order to generate usable data, require a consistency of adoption that, historically, your teams haven’t be able to sustain. Read this Executive Brief to:

  • Understand how a homegrown PPM solution can support your project portfolio management activities, and why 46% of our clients, small and large, use such a solution.
  • Learn why it may be the right choice for you.
  • Understand Info-Tech's methodology and approach to growing your own PPM solution using powerful business intelligence capability that you already have.

This research is designed for PMO Directors and CIOs who are looking to implement an effective, affordable, and adaptable PPM solution, as well as those who are looking to complement existing PPM solutions that address organization-specific needs.

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