IT Talent Trends 2022

The last two years were a great experiment … but it’s not over yet. Incorporate new ways of working into your business to build and keep the best team.

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Blueprint Contents:

1. IT Talent Trends Report for 2022 – A report to help you incorporate new ways of working into your business to build and keep the best team.

Discover Info-Tech’s 2022 talent trends for IT leaders, which will provide insight into taking a strategic approach to navigate the post-pandemic IT talent landscape.

  • IT Talent Trends Report for 2022
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Your Challenge

Business and IT leaders aiming to build and keep successful teams in 2022 must:

  • Optimize IT in the face of a competitive labor market.
  • Build or maintain a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Manage the monumental shift to the new normal of remote work.
  • Weather the Great Resignation and come out on top.
  • Correctly assess development areas for their teams.
  • Justify investing in IT talent.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • If 2021 was about beginning to act on employee needs, 2022 will be about strategically examining each trend to ensure that the organization's promises to take action are more than lip service.
  • Employees have always been able to see through disingenuous attempts to engage them, but in 2022 the stakes are higher due to increased talent mobility.

Impact and Result

This report includes:

  • A concise, executive-ready trend report.
  • Data and insights from IT organizations from around the world.
  • Steps to take for each of the trends depending on your current maturity level.
  • Examples and case studies.
  • Links to in-depth Info-Tech research and tools.
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