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What Is Predicting the Future?

Predicting the Future is the world’s most reliable source of advanced information on technology and economics.

Mark Anderson’s predictive reports have an unmatched publically graded prediction rate of over a 94% and are actively followed by:

  • Bill Gates
  • Michael Dell
  • Paul Jacobs
  • Many other global industry leaders

Mark Anderson

Research Fellow

Mark Anderson, Info-Tech Research Fellow and CEO of Strategic News Service™, writes the most accurate predictive reports covering the computing and communications industries. This weekly newsletter covers must-have information for strategy development and business technology planning.

Provides You with Unmatched Strategic Insight

Access need to know information that will aid in your strategy development and business technology planning

Helps You Be a Forward Thinker

The unreserved predictions and strategic insights on what is to be expected in upcoming years will help you position yourself as a forward thinker with your C-level peers.

Hitting Their Own Walls: The Telecom Struggle

A funny thing happened to South Korea's march toward total domination of the cellphone market: it ran into its own business model, on a much larger scale. A decade or so...

Special Letter: Innovations in Cyber Security – An Emerging New Paradigm

In this Special Letter, you will see the idea of Internet security applied to cloud security and data protection. To my mind, getting this project done is of the same...

The Big Shift, Part II

In his original predictions regarding the Big Shift (The Big Shift, August 12, 2013), Mark Anderson described the effects of the commercial pressures flowing out of...

The India Report: Mr. Modi's India

In this issue, Asia Editor Rafiq Dossani brings us a no-holds-barred view of exactly how the election was won, who really is in charge today in India, and what we should...

Software Quality vs. Screen Size

The energy, effort, funds, and intelligence of the world's software engineers are increasingly being focused on micro-apps. After all, as everyone knows, that's where the...

Looking Further: Neal Stephenson

Almost all great leaps in science and technology seem to be foreshadowed in great works of science fiction. For that reason, we bring the best writers of science fiction...

Jeff Bezos in His Prime

How far will Amazon go, and in which directions? We all want to know, and no one seems to. It might help if we try to track this bipolar axis, starting with Jeff and...

Asia Letter, Q3 2014

More often than not, the trends and investments happening in Asia take months or years to show up in volume in the US. Certainly this is true for hydrogen infrastructure...

Commercial Surveillance

Which are you more concerned about spying on you and your data: national intelligence agencies or corporations? If national intelligence agencies have access to virtually...

Learning from the Leaders: Michael Dell and Mark Hurd

One of the most enjoyable benefits I get from my work is the chance to talk with some of the great technology and business leaders of our time. In my view, our members...

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