Predicting the Future

What Is Predicting the Future?

Predicting the Future is the world’s most reliable source of advanced information on technology and economics.

Mark Anderson’s predictive reports have an unmatched publicly graded prediction rate of over 94% and are actively followed by:

  • Bill Gates
  • Michael Dell
  • Paul Jacobs
  • Many other global industry leaders

Mark Anderson

Research Fellow

Mark Anderson, Info-Tech Research Fellow and CEO of Strategic News Service™, writes the most accurate predictive reports covering the computing and communications industries. This weekly newsletter covers must-have information for strategy development and business technology planning.

Provides You with Unmatched Strategic Insight

Access need-to-know information that will aid in your strategy development and business technology planning.

Helps You Be a Forward Thinker

The unreserved predictions and strategic insights on what is to be expected in upcoming years will help you position yourself as a forward thinker with your C-level peers.

Special Letter: Genomics 2.0 – Toward Precision Health and Concierge Medicine

In this discussion, our members will have a chance to learn about a leading-edge exploration of cellular health and function measured by metabolites, the small molecules...

FiRe 2015 in Review

It seems that FiRe has become perhaps the most dynamic "conference" in the technology world. At a time when the rest of the world continues to play the Rolodex game, we...

Creative Destruction vs. Economic Warfare

It's hard to keep track of the number of executives and employees who have been laid off by the West's top technology firms, but there is no doubt that the numbers are...

Special Letter: Needle in a Pin Box – How Discovering Obscure Patterns Leads to Valuable Insights

The magic of data mining and analytics is in discovering patterns and correlations that intuitive judgment could never divine: the finding, say, that 30- to 40-year-olds...

Philanthropy as Community Building

This week's discussion is a terrific proof case for philanthropic work, by a company and leader that have deep and sustained experience in getting this right.

The China Short

Having been among the first (if not the first) to suggest that the Chinese national economy is crashing, it seemed appropriate that we take a closer follow-on look at...

Special Letter: Supercharging Big Data Research

In this week's issue, members will get a view of a completely new computing environment, from Pattern Recognition Processors out to a new secure Net running as a...

A Gathering of Substance

What would happen if you got the best people in the world in neuroscience, stem-cell research, chip design, software, satellites, transportation, broadband, big-data...

Asia Letter, Q4 2015: China Inflection Point

I would like to thank Scott Foster for continuing to provide all of us with detailed views of Asian technology and business strategic moves that are often not carried by...

Q4 2015: The Christmas Quarter

I was tempted to write something more on China this week, given the effect of that nation's destabilizing economic situation on global equity markets; and in fact, it now...
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