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What Is Predicting the Future?

Predicting the Future is the world’s most reliable source of advanced information on technology and economics.

Mark Anderson’s predictive reports have an unmatched publically graded prediction rate of over a 94% and are actively followed by:

  • Bill Gates
  • Michael Dell
  • Paul Jacobs
  • Many other global industry leaders

Mark Anderson

Research Fellow

Mark Anderson, Info-Tech Research Fellow and CEO of Strategic News Service™, writes the most accurate predictive reports covering the computing and communications industries. This weekly newsletter covers must-have information for strategy development and business technology planning.

Provides You with Unmatched Strategic Insight

Access need to know information that will aid in your strategy development and business technology planning

Helps You Be a Forward Thinker

The unreserved predictions and strategic insights on what is to be expected in upcoming years will help you position yourself as a forward thinker with your C-level peers.

Asia Letter, Q2 2015: The UK and Germany Go with China

In this issue of the quarterly Asia Letter, Scott Foster has captured the new momentum shift happening as China moves to expand its influence and the UK and Germany jump...

Currency Wars II: The Isolated Dollar

This week, we'll look at the causes behind the strong dollar, and, by establishing a clear understanding of this important financial trend, we'll extend our abilities to...

My (Fake) Interview with Apple CEO Tom Cook

A lot of people are wondering about Apple these days, and so when I found CEO Tom Cook alone in the corner of a Taco Bell just off California Highway 17, I realized it...

Special Letter: An Innovator's Handbook: Dealing with the FDA

Publisher's Note: We have been delving into the future of biology, genetics, healthcare, evolutionary theory, biofeedback systems, neurophysiology, brain-inspired...

What Will Go Wrong: A Cyber Warning

I asked my friend Joi Ito, now head of the MIT Media Lab, what he thought of a certain Japanese prime minister. Without a moment's hesitation, he answered: "BM, or AM?"...

Technology and the Global Economy: Predictions for 2015 Landscapes

I really love doing this stuff, as you all know. I try to do it in two different ways. I try to talk about the landscapes we're looking at first, kind of give a shared...

A Centerpiece Conversation with Mark Hurd

Mark Anderson interviewed Oracle CEO Mark Hurd, and the two cover such topics as cloud computing, Platform as a Service, security, data center management, and hardware...

The Ultimate Biocomputer: Brain or Cell? Part II

Think like Richard Feynman, imagining the very, very small ("nano") nature of all of the cell's chemicals, structures, and operations.

Is the Net at Risk?

Anyone paying attention has to be asking the question: Is the Internet today more useful to those intending good, or to those intending harm? For cybertheft, or for...

The Ultimate Biocomputer: Brain or Cell?

If we are to understand brains well enough to create brain-inspired technologies, we need to understand their process of self-assembly, as well as how neurons work....

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