Diagnostic Programs

Collect the Data You Need to Make Key IT Decisions


  • Use data to go from “I think” to “I know”
  • High impact, low effort programs for collecting data
  • Easy to read dashboard data gives you what you need to make key decisions
  • Downloadable reports that are easy to share


  • Translate data into actionable results
  • Learn what areas of IT need to be improved
  • Find out where you are spending too much time and money… and too little
  • Get a comprehensive understanding of your IT department

Which programs are right for you?


Application Portfolio Assessment:
End User Feedback

Decide which apps to retire, upgrade, re-train on, and where to focus optimization efforts

Application Portfolio Assessment: Owner & Admin Feedback

Get application feedback from the people who know it best….Owners

Application Lifecycle Diagnostic Program

Collect the data you need to effectively manage applications

Data & Analytics Diagnostic Program

Collect the information you need to effecitvely manage your data and analytics engine


End User Satisfaction

Get end user feedback on how well IT is managing its core services

IT Security Diagnostic Program

Collect the data you need to effectively manage IT Security

Core Infrastructure Diagnostic Program

Collect the data you need to effectively manage your core infrastructure

IT Annual Assessment


IT Process CenterBuild alignment and ownership around core IT processes


Annual IT Project Assessment


IT Spend for Higher EducationUnderstand where your spending is going and how you stack up against your peers

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CIO Business Vision

Understanding the needs of your stakeholders is the first and most important step in stakeholder management.

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CEO-CIO Alignment Program

As CIO, you recognize that your ideas, priorities, and perspectives differ from those of business leaders. Do you know which ones? Do you know the extent to which they differ? Achieve effective IT-business alignment by understanding your CEO’s perspectives and priorities. Eliminate the guesswork and start closing the gaps with Info-Tech’s CEO-CIO Alignment Program.

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Application Portfolio Assessment: End User Feedback

If you’re managing an Application Portfolio without collecting feedback from users you are flying blind. Find out which applications need to be upgraded, maintained, or retired.

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End User Satisfaction Program

Optimizing IT service delivery is nearly impossible to perform without an honest and thorough understanding of end user sentiment toward IT services and software.

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IT Security Diagnostic Program

The IT Security Diagnostic Program is a low effort, high impact program designed to help IT Security Leaders assess and improve their security practices. Gather and report on IT Security governance, business satisfaction, and effectiveness to understand where you stand and how you can improve.

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IT Budget Metrics and Benchmarking

You can easily see if your spending is in line with your industry (and similar organizations) with instant custom metrics – simply by completing the MeasureIT survey. This valuable data is impossible to find anywhere else.

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Staffing Metrics and Benchmarking

Are your staffing practices aligned with your peers'? Compare your custom benchmarking results against your peers and your industry. Your results are generated instantly once you complete the MeasureIT survey.

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