Reimagine IT Operations for a Cloud-First World

You can’t afford to ignore the fast-changing infrastructure landscape.

Onsite Workshop

You can’t afford to ignore the fast-changing infrastructure landscape:

  • Both the Business and IT are buying cloud services, but Operations isn’t involved until the services break.
  • Operational activities aren’t clearly defined or assigned, and things slip through the cracks.
  • The adoption of cloud hasn’t necessarily led to a deprecation of current, on-premises services, which may require integration with cloud services.
  • Operations staff are unsure of their role in your organization in a cloud-first world. Cloud abstracts away many day-to-day operational tasks.
  • New skills are in short supply and training budgets are limited.

Stable, cost-effective, secure infrastructure is always the goal of operations management. Take the following steps to succeed:

  • Define the role of Operations in the IT organization, and how Operations will support key cloud initiatives.
  • Create a high-level design sketch of the future-state operations team.
  • Identify high-importance, low-maturity activities that must be improved to adequately support the new environment.
  • Consider whether any activities should be insourced, outsourced, or co-sourced.
  • Identify action items and projects that support the transition to the future state design.
  • Clearly communicate the rationale for any major changes.

Module 1: Review Your Cloud Strategy and Create a Mission Statement

The Purpose

Establish the need for change.

Key Benefits Achieved

Create a mission statement and end-state design to guide the rest of the workshop.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Review the IT strategy and cloud strategy & action plan.
1.2 Identify key operational capabilities
1.3 Develop a mission statement for IT Operations aligned with IT strategy and initiatives.
  • IT Operations mission statement
1.4 Create an end-state organizational sketch.
  • End-state organizational sketch

Module 2: Conduct an Operational Activities Assessment

The Purpose

Clarify operational roles and responsibilities, and identify action items to ensure cloud readiness.

Key Benefits Achieved

Clarify operational roles and responsibilities, and identify action items to ensure cloud readiness.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Review cloud operations activities.
2.2 Identify cloud operations roles.
2.3 Conduct a RACI analysis.
  • Identified roles, responsibilities, and accountability for operational activities in the new cloud environment
2.4 Perform a maturity assessment on key activities.
  • Maturity assessment
2.5 Identify opportunities to improve key operational activities.
  • Prioritized improvement roadmap

Module 3: Finalize the Design Sketch and Create a Communication Plan

The Purpose

Ensure changes are well-defined, supported, and communicated.

Key Benefits Achieved

Confidently approach key stakeholders to make the project a reality.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Identify needed tools, skills, and knowledge.
  • Draft a training plan based on needed skills and knowledge
  • Identify needed tools
3.2 Review decision rights, accountability, and individual authority against the design sketch.
3.3 Perform quality control on the working group’s recommendations.
  • Review and finalize design recommendations
3.4 Structure the role of the Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE).
  • The CCoE is aware of its responsibilities related to this project and beyond
3.5 Create a communication plan.
  • Project outcomes are clearly communicated
3.6 Identify key project and initiative metrics.
  • Metrics to track success are identified

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