Building core IT processes is the single most important component of any IT manager’s job. Engage your team in an onsite five-day workshop on any of the below core IT processes, facilitated by the analysts who wrote the research.


Infrastructure, Security & Risk

Strategy & Leadership

Practical Research ...and Beyond

Workshops that Drive Results

Get Help

  • On-site workshops with implementation assistance.
  • Workshops designed to focus attention, create alignment, and ensure best practices.
  • Immediate impact and results, 100% customized to you.

Do It Yourself

  • Specific deliverables, goals, metrics and outcomes are established for each workshop.
  • Leverage Info-Tech's years of analyst experience and written research to provide an engaging experience.
  • Diagnose the current state and focus on designing high-impact improvements.
  • Optimized a core IT Process that drives performance and effectiveness.
  • 3 and 6 month follow-ups to ensure benefit realization.

Grounded on COBIT

Refined by Our Members

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Connected World

Based on the open international standard COBIT framework.

Customized for our 30,000+ members worldwide.

Unique Process

Sustainable Benefits

Sustainable World Class Operations
Customized to Your Needs & Maturity
Clear Deliverables
Team Alignment
Transfer Skills & Knowledge

Solution Set Methodology

  • Proven to identify best practices
  • Rich in diagnosis, tools, and actionable advice
  • Develop new capabilities without starting from scratch

COBIT Framework for IT Governance

  • Develop world class operations build on a tested framework
  • Engage all areas of IT
  • Make IT better at IT

One Week Workshop

  • Target your needs with our tailored solutions
  • Focus on neglected areas
  • Get more insight in one week than you may in a year

Build Your World Class IT Shop

Start Today.

Make core IT processes your priority. Evaluate what will have the biggest impact. Create a road map of improvement. Leverage ITRG research. Leverage ITRG workshops.
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