Prepare for Negotiations More Effectively

Better preparation leads to better outcomes.


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Negotiating with vendors can be difficult:

  • Vendor contracts protect vendors and tend to be one-sided.
  • Customer budgets are constrained, and hard choices have to be made.
  • Winning a negotiation at all costs ignores the fact that the customer still has to work with the vendor after negotiations conclude.

Better preparation has a direct impact on negotiation results, including:

  • An equitable division of money and risk.
  • Better relationships internally and with the vendor.
  • Increased vendor accountability.

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Module 1: 12 Steps to Better Negotiation Preparation

The Purpose

  • Improve negotiation preparation.
  • Understand how to use the Info-Tech Before Negotiating Tool.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • A scalable framework for negotiation preparation will be created.
  • The Before Negotiating Tool will be configured for the customer’s environment.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Establish specific negotiation goals and ranges.
  • Sample negotiation goals and ranges will be generated via a case study to demonstrate the concepts and how to use the Before Negotiating Tool (this will apply to each Planned Activity)
1.2 Identify and assess alternatives to a negotiated agreement.
  • Sample alternatives will be generated
1.3 Identify and evaluate assumptions made by the parties.
  • Sample assumptions will be generated
1.4 Conduct research.
  • Sample research will be generated
1.5 Identify and evaluate relationship issues.
  • Sample relationship issues will be generated
1.6 Identify and leverage the team structure.
  • Sample teams will be generated
1.7 Identify and address leverage issues.
  • Sample leverage items will be generated
1.8 Evaluate timeline considerations.
  • Sample timeline issues will be generated
1.9 Create a strategy.
  • A sample strategy will be generated
1.10 Draft a negotiation agenda.
  • A sample negotiation agenda will be generated
1.11 Draft and answer questions.
  • Sample questions and answers will be generated
1.12 Rehearse (informal and formal).
  • Sample rehearsals will be conducted
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