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Modernize Your Corporate Website to Drive Business Value

Drive higher user satisfaction and value through UX-driven websites.


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Not focusing your website design to address end-user needs and behaviors can:

  • Drive down the user satisfaction of your website
  • Decrease user retention and adoption
  • Steer current and potential users to your competitors

A website design focused on delivering high user experience will:

  • Create an emotional attachment for your users
  • Improve brand recognition from valuable service offerings
  • Increase the time users spend on your website

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Module 1: Define Your UX Requirements

The Purpose

  • List the business objectives of your website.
  • Describe your user personas, use cases, and user workflow.
  • Identify current UX issues through simulations, website design, and system reviews.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Strong understanding of the business goals of your website.
  • Knowledge of the behaviors and needs of your website’s users.
  • Realization of the root causes behind the UX issues of your website.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Define the business objectives for the website you want to optimize
  • Business objectives
1.2 Define your end-user personas and map them to use cases
  • End-user personas and use cases
1.3 Build your website user workflow
  • User workflows
1.4 Conduct a SWOT analysis of your website to drive out UX issues
  • Website SWOT analysis
1.5 Gauge the UX competencies of your web development team
  • UX competency assessment
1.6 Simulate your user workflow to identify the steps driving down UX
  • User workflow simulation
1.7 Assess the composition and construction of your website
  • Website design assessment
1.8 Understand the execution of your website with a system architecture
  • Current state of web system architecture
1.9 Pinpoint the technical reason behind your UX issues
  • Gap analysis of web system architecture
1.10 Clarify and prioritize your UX issues
  • Prioritized UX issues

Module 2: Design Your UX-Driven Website

The Purpose

  • Design wireframes and storyboards to be aligned to high priority use cases.
  • Design a web system architecture that can sufficiently support the website.
  • Identify UX metrics to gauge the success of the website.
  • Establish a website design process flow.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Implementation of key design elements and website functions that users will find stimulating and valuable.
  • Optimized web system architecture to better support the website.
  • Website design process aligned to your current context.
  • Rollout plan for your UX optimization initiatives.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Define the roles of your UX development team
  • Roles of UX development team
2.2 Build your wireframes and user storyboards
  • Wireframes and user storyboards
2.3 Design the target state of your web environment
  • Target state of web system architecture
2.4 List your UX metrics
  • List of UX metrics
2.5 Draw your website design process flow
  • List of your suppliers, inputs, processes, outputs, and customers
  • Website design process flow
2.6 Define your UX optimization roadmap
  • UX optimization rollout roadmap
2.7 Identify and engage your stakeholders
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