Increase the Performance of Critical Mobile Applications

Look beyond today’s ad-hoc mobile development practices to stay ahead of your competitors.

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Mobile applications need to be modernized for today’s mobile centric context. In particular:

  • Traditional monolithic designs are not scaling well in mobile.
  • Mobile apps are increasingly driven by APIs across the internet, which is extremely slow.
  • Much of the mid and back tiers of business decision support were historically created with high computational power and memory assumptions on the client side.

Leveraging an optimization strategy aimed at improving mobile application performance results in:

  • Change in the mobile app mindset from agile delivery and rapid prototyping to a methodical, performance-oriented mobile stack.
  • Best in class mobile development.
  • Standardized documentation of mobile app performance measurements.

Module 1: Select the Suitable Mobile App for Performance Optimization

The Purpose

  • Realize that traditional application models do not scale well with mobile devices.
  • See the demand of high performance applications from the perspective of end users.
  • Select the mobile app based on business and technical requirement alignment.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Defined roles and responsibilities.
  • Understand why organizations are feeling mobile performance pains.
  • Selected the mobile app that will benefit the most from a performance optimization project.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Define roles and responsibilities.
  • List of individuals who should be included in the mobile performance discussion.
1.2 Document the mobile application portfolio.
1.3 Assess mobile apps against business mandates.
  • Defined criteria to select the poorest performing mobile application against business and technical requirements.
1.4 Assess mobile apps against technical performance requirements.

Module 2: Optimize the Mobile Stack

The Purpose

  • Conduct a bottleneck analysis to determine performance inefficiencies with data flows and log files.
  • Optimize your mobile performance at the device, app, and data layers.
  • Document the costs and impacts from implementing mobile performance optimization techniques.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Documented the structure and dependencies of the mobile application.
  • Identified the source of the performance pains.
  • Strategy to optimize the performance of the mobile application.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Map the data flows of the mobile app.
  • Mobile app data flow mapping highlighting performance gaps and optimization techniques.
2.2 Map the data flows to the performance gaps.
2.3 Map the optimization techniques to fill the performance gaps on the data flow diagram.
2.4 Evaluate the people, technology, and financial impacts to rollout the optimization techniques.
  • Impact and cost analysis to rollout performance optimization techniques.
2.5 Draw the project dependencies.
  • Project dependency map.

Module 3: Measure the New Performance

The Purpose

  • Summarize the rollout of your optimization techniques.
  • Understand the new challenges with mobile testing.
  • Prepare your dashboards to gauge the success of your amended application.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Understand the challenges with testing mobile performance.
  • Establish appropriate instrumentation strategies.
  • Determine how to inject instrumentation.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Leverage a mobile app testing framework that focuses on performance.
  • Mobile app testing framework with a focus on app performance.
3.2 Develop a mobile instrumentation strategy.
  • Instrumentation implementation approaches.

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