Implement an Email and Content Archive Solution

Match the value of the storage to the value of your content.

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Common archiving challenges include:

  • A lack of storage control
  • No enforceable information governance
  • High eDiscovery costs

An archiving strategy results in:

  • Clear management strategy for storage that includes retention schedules
  • Streamlined eDiscovery
  • Discovery moving out of IT’s hands and into Legal’s hands
  • A specific set of metrics for determining when a product has reached end of life

Module 1: Define the scope of the problem

The Purpose

  • Identify the scope of archiving needs.
  • Evaluate the complexity of your needs.
  • Prioritize high risk information.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • A determination if third-party archive products are appropriate.
  • Definition of the sources of risk that should be monitored.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Define the current regulations
1.2 Evaluate the growth of information in the organization
1.3 Map the gaps in your current strategy
  • An outline of the business case
  • A go/no-go decision on third-party solutions

Module 2: Plan a solution based on your needs

The Purpose

  • Define the gaps in the current archiving strategy.
  • Evaluate the technical solution that fills the gap.
  • Build a business case for any changes in process or new technology.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • A clear understanding of current competency.
  • A full understanding of what can be achieved with current server architecture and fileshares.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Define the key use case for archiving
  • A business case for archiving as a strategy
2.2 Define the current archive process
2.3 Identify the knowledge gaps in the current process
  • A workflow for eDiscovery and Exchange mailbox reinstall
2.4 Build an RFP
  • An RFP or communication plan for change in IT processes

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