Find Value With Cloud Asset Management

It’s time for IT asset managers to get SaaSy.

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IT asset managers have ignored the cloud, resulting in:

  • Uncontrolled cloud spending.
  • Unlicensed software running in cloud-based servers.
  • Over-spending on SaaS licensing.

Developing a cloud asset management practice will result in:

  • Better visibility into spending on cloud services.
  • Assurance that information security policies are adhered to.
  • Improvements for DevOps and AppDev teams.

Module 1: Build a Cloud Asset Management Pilot

The Purpose

  • Introduce governance to cloud instances and SaaS.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Standard operating procedures for cloud asset management.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Plot cloud instances based on impact of data loss and volatility.
1.2 Categorize cloud instances.
  • Updated IT asset management SOP for cloud instances.
1.3 Define cloud standards for each part of the volume mixer.
  • Standards for cloud instances.
1.4 Identify policy statements for cloud assets.
  • Cloud policy statements.
1.5 Identify optimization schedule.
  • Optimization guidelines for cloud instances.
1.6 Roles and responsibilities and roadmap.
  • Responsibility matrix for cloud asset management.

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