Develop Infrastructure & Operations Policies and Procedures

Document what you need to document and forget the rest.

Onsite Workshop

Without effective policies and procedures:

  • Time and money are wasted dealing with mistakes or missteps that should have been addressed by procedures or policies.
  • Standard operating procedures are less effective without a policy to provide a clear mandate and direction.
  • Adhering to policies is rarely a priority, as compliance often feels like an impediment to getting work done.

Use Info-Tech’s effective process to:

  • Prioritize and address policy gaps.
  • Create effective policies that are maintainable, reasonable, measurable, auditable, and enforceable.
  • Support policies with effective procedures.

Module 1: Identify Policy and Procedure Gaps

The Purpose

Prioritize policy and procedure gaps in order to align documentation efforts with business requirements.

Key Benefits Achieved

Streamline the documentation effort while still meeting business requirements.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 List and review current-state pain points in Infrastructure & Operations processes.
1.2 Identify gaps and pain points that can be addressed through policy/ procedure documentation.
1.3 Prioritize documentation tasks based on documentation value, risk mitigation, and ease of implementation and enforcement.
  • Documentation action item list.

Module 2: Develop Policies

The Purpose

Adapt policy templates to meet your business requirements.

Key Benefits Achieved

Draft policies and assign policy management roles and responsibilities.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Create the top 4-6 policies using Info-Tech templates.
  • 3-5 final-draft policies.
2.2 Review policies with stakeholders.
  • Roles and responsibilities for policy maintenance.
2.3 Prepare policies for approval.
2.4 Define policy maintenance roles and responsibilities.

Module 3: Document Effective Procedures

The Purpose

Improve policy adherence and service effectiveness through procedure standardization and documentation.

Key Benefits Achieved

Prioritize and document procedures that support effective Infrastructure & Operations programs.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Identify high-priority policies to formalize and document.
3.2 Review the principles of tabletop planning: what is it and how does it work?
3.3 Outline high-level procedure workflows.
  • Draft SOP workflows.

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