Create a Practical BYOE Action Plan

The Bring Your Own phenomenon has surpassed the D and moved on to E. Prepare for the world of Bring Your Own Everything.

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Failing to have a BYOE action plan can result in:

  • “Shadow IT” – employees using their own technology without IT’s involvement or awareness, which can put security and productivity in jeopardy.
  • Being caught unprepared for new technology that finds its way into your organization.
  • Missed opportunities to capitalize on all the personal technology already available in your organization.

Planning and preparing for BYOE can result in:

  • Moving beyond BYOD. Employees are bringing their own applications, networks, cloud services, and identities with them to work, and IT needs to be involved.
  • Flexibility to capitalize on the upsides of any personal technology in your organization, while avoiding the downsides.
  • Keeping the IT department relevant in a world where information technology is everywhere.

Module 1: Assess the Current BYO State

The Purpose

  • Document the current inventory of personal technology in your organization.
  • Summarize the current BYO policies and strategies.
  • Look for areas that can be improved.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • An understanding of what you know about your current BYO state—and what you don’t.
  • A summary of your current state in order to begin improving upon it.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Review the first two sections of the storyboard.
1.2 Collect inventory of BYOE technology and policies.
  • A summary of your organization’s current BYOE state.
1.3 Fill in the BYO Inventory Estimator Tool.
  • A filled-in BYO Inventory Estimator Tool that can be refined over time.

Module 2: Set Forward-Looking BYOE Goals and Develop an Action Plan

The Purpose

  • Set forward-looking BYOE goals.
  • Compare goals to your current state and turn them into an action plan.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • A set of forward-looking goals that will capitalize on the benefits of BYOE today and prepare for an increasingly BYO future.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Review the third section of the storyboard.
2.2 Fill in the BYOE Goal Analysis Tool, considering the top goals and considerations across all major BYO categories.
  • A preliminary completion of the BYOE Goal Analysis Tool, to be refined over time.
2.3 Turn goals into practical action steps.
  • A prioritized list of BYOE action steps based on your goals.

Module 3: Implement Your Action Steps and Monitor Success

The Purpose

  • Implement your BYOE action plan.
  • Determine costs and benefits.
  • Develop BYOE policies.
  • Summarize your plan.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • A practical BYOE action plan, summarized in an easily communicated strategy document.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Review the fourth section of the storyboard.
3.2 Complete BYOE cost/benefit templates.
3.3 Complete rough drafts of BYOE policies.
3.4 Summarize progress in a BYOE strategy document.
  • A BYOE action plan, summarized in a strategy document, to be finalized then communicated to key stakeholders.

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