Covertly Establish a Business-Centric, Value-Driven EA Capability

Earn business buy-in and executive support by focusing your EA practice on generating value for the business

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The business typically doesn’t see the value of Enterprise Architecture (EA)

  • ROI metrics don’t work well for EA
  • Within IT, EA is frequently perceived as a roadblock:an unneeded layer of bureaucracy that impedes project execution and kills innovation
  • EA initiatives are frequently perceived as non-contributing to business value and unsuccessful
  • Even mentioning EA may evoke prejudice and resistance.

Enterprise Architecture can provide significant value to the organization

  • A linkage between the organization's value proposition and EA's value proposition can be made
  • EA can be rehabilitated to focus on value-generating activities
  • The value of EA can be communicated to senior management

Module 1: Determine the Values that Resonate with the Business

The Purpose

Analyze stakeholders and determine their value measures. Determine high-priority business capabilities and initiatives. Identify important value measures

Key Benefits Achieved

Gain executive buy-in by applying stakeholder value measures to your EA operating model

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Create a business capability map
  • Business capability map
1.2 Choose up to a dozen high-priority business value measures that EA will contribute to
  • Selected business value measures

Module 2: Define a covert, business-centric EA Operating Model

The Purpose

Re-brand EA. Define EA processes, roles, and responsibilities. Establish EA governance.

Key Benefits Achieved

Accelerate the attainment of business goals by choosing a name for EA aligned with those goals.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Tailor EA operating model to optimize EA contribution to business value
  • Tailored EA operating model
2.2 Create an EA operating model roll-out plan.
  • EA operating model roll-out plan

Module 3: Promote EA's Contribution to Business Value

The Purpose

Model EA’s value contribution. Regularly communicate EA contribution to business value along with value proof points. Use selected business value measures as circumstantial evidence.

Key Benefits Achieved

Since hard quantitative metrics don't go well with EA, use value statements supported by value proof points to sell EA's value to the business. Keep business stakeholders informed, invested and engaged with an EA marketing plan.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Craft EA value statements and collect value proof points
  • List of EA value statements and supporting proof points
3.2 Create an EA marketing plan
  • EA Marketing Plan
3.3 Create an EA charter
  • EA Charter

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