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Make Smart Decisions Using an Accessible Customer Intelligence Strategy

The key to building a cohesive, highly personalized customer journey starts with predictive intelligence.

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Improve Your Contract Negotiation Approach

Learn to negotiate to achieve better business value.

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Replatform Your Applications to the Cloud

Understand the benefits for your organization and have a plan for action.

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Empower Decision Makers Through a Project Portfolio Office

Decision makers often lack the most fundamental information.

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Select and Implement a Social Media Management Platform

Rein in social media by choosing a platform that’s right for you.

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Optimize Your CRM Platform

CRM isn’t a “deploy and forget” proposition: have a strong roadmap for optimization.

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Select and Implement an ERP Solution

Selecting a best-fit solution requires balancing needs, cost, and capability.

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Increase Throughput by Driving Completion and Closure

A project’s definition of “done” is commonly misunderstood, and project managers often get pulled back into projects in a support capacity when they believe they’ve moved on to something else.

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Implement a Proactive Vendor Selection Process

Achieve the right price, the right functionality, and the right fit for the organization.

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