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Select the Optimal Disaster Recovery Deployment Model

Developing disaster recovery is a crucial function of the IT department, and infrastructure managers are tasked with executing the plan. While the majority of...
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DR Decision Tree

Use the DR Decision Tree to efficiently eliminate unsuitable models and focus on what works rather than what doesn't.

Application Assessment Tool for Cloud DR

Stop wondering about your ability to use the on-demand service and the pricing of cloud DR. Start assessing your applications to save money and resources spent on other...

Negotiation Tips How to Save $ With Vendors

Knowledge is power. Go into your vendor negotiations with these tips and tools in your back pocket.

How to Know When to Replace Help Desk Software

Knowing when to move on from well-worn help desk software is an important turning point for IT. Keeping an underperforming solution is costing the team time and money....

Unified Communications TCO Showdown: Avaya vs. Cisco

The new Avaya Secure Router 4134 with Software Communications System (SCS) has emerged as a strong competitive offering in the small and mid-market unified communications...
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