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Select the Optimal Disaster Recovery Deployment Model

Developing disaster recovery is a crucial function of the IT department, and infrastructure managers are tasked with executing the plan. While the majority of...
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Select the Optimal Disaster Recovery Deployment Model – Phase 2: Conduct a Comprehensive Analysis and Vet the DR Vendors

This phase of the blueprint Select the Optimal Disaster Recovery Deployment Model will help you explore in detail DR deployment models and conduct a TCO comparison among...

DR Decision Tree

Use the DR Decision Tree to efficiently eliminate unsuitable models and focus on what works rather than what doesn't.

Application Assessment Tool for Cloud DR

Stop wondering about your ability to use the on-demand service and the pricing of cloud DR. Start assessing your applications to save money and resources spent on other...

Flat Panels: Buy vs. Lease Worksheet

Crunching numbers related to purchase price and reliability enables IT managers to calculate TCO for different display options. Use Info-Tech's Flat Panels: Buy vs. Lease...

Build a Service Desk Consolidation Strategy – Phase 2: Design the Consolidated Service Desk

This phase of the blueprint, Build a Service Desk Consolidation Strategy, will help you design the target state of the consolidated service desk and assess the logistics...

Hardware Asset Disposition Policy

Hardware Asset Management (HAM) policy is about meeting the business goals of the organization and abiding by applicable legislation while using the least resources possible.

Service Desk Software TCO Comparison Tool

This Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculator is designed to aid decision makers in comparing the costs of traditional on-premise (installed) models and...

IDPS Financial Calculator

IDPS can range from being a costly investment to completely manageable depending on your organization. Calculate the TCO and ROI of an implementation with this tool.

IDPS Appropriateness Assessment Tool

This tool aims to help the enterprise determine whether or not an IDP system is appropriate for the organization.
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