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Prototype With an Innovation Design Sprint

Design, build, test, and iterate your innovative ideas in four days or less by applying design thinking, rapid iteration, and user experience testing.
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Kick-Start IT-Led Business Innovation Storyboard – Phases 1-4

Start facilitating innovation to advance the reputation of IT and gain reputation as a true strategic partner.

Kick-Start IT-Led Business Innovation – Phase 3: Prototype

Create rapid prototypes that allow users to experience an idea before it is built. Prototyping will give you the feedback you need to refine the solution and prepare to...

Prototyping Workbook

Use the Prototyping Workbook to plan and execute prototyping, collect evidence gathered during each iteration of prototyping, and document findings.

Prototype Assessment

Use the Prototype Assessment template to document the feedback collected from a single iteration of prototyping, and determine which feedback is vital for successive...

Kick-Start IT-Led Business Innovation – Phase 4: Mature Innovation Capability

Once you have demonstrated IT's ability to innovate, invest in formalizing the IT-led innovation process and implement a program to increase staff engagement with innovation.

User Interface Analyst

The role of the User Interface Analyst is to prototype, design, and build graphic user interfaces (GUIs) for software development, Web forms, and other applications. This...
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