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Extend the Service Desk to the Enterprise

Extending the service desk to business units beyond IT to other customer-facing business units can not only boost the performance of the department and improve end-user...
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2018 ITSM Tool Market Trends

The 2018 ITSM Tool Market Trends breaks down developments in the world of enterprise service management to add additional perspective to Software Reviews.

Vendor Landscape: Enterprise Service Desk Software

The enterprise service desk tool market provides powerful functionality and advanced features suitable for large, complex IT environments.
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Outsource the Service Desk – Executive Brief

Read this executive brief to find out why you need to think beyond cost to design a successful outsourcing project.

Outsource the Service Desk – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you assess, strategize, and transition to an outsourced service desk.

Outsource the Service Desk – Phase 1: Assess Service Desk Maturity and Outsourcing Feasibility

This phase of the blueprint, assess service desk maturity and outsourcing feasibility, will help you determine if outsourcing is the right fit for your service desk.

Service Desk Process Maturity Assessment Tool

The purpose of the tool is to assess the overall health of a single service desk.

Outsource the Service Desk – Phase 2: Build Outsourcing Strategy and RFP

This phase of the blueprint, build outsourcing strategy and RFP, will help you formulate a detailed strategy that includes roles, objectives, risks, and metrics by which...

Service Desk Outsourcing Strategy Template

This template will allow you to create a comprehensive outsourcing strategy for your service desk.

Service Desk Outsourcing RFP Template

This template provides guidance for creating a detailed RFP for a service desk outsourcing project.
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