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Cogeco Communications Divests Its Cogeco Peer 1 Cloud and Data Center Business for $720M

Cogeco Communications has divested its Cogeco Peer 1 cloud and data center business to Digital Colony for $720 million. Cogeco Peer 1 delivers colocation, cloud, and...

Disaster Recovery Is a Cloud Gateway Drug

Through cloud disaster recovery an organization will not only create a cloud-based recovery capability but also learn a lot about the real benefits and costs migrating to...

Select the Optimal Disaster Recovery Deployment Model

Developing disaster recovery is a crucial function of the IT department, and infrastructure managers are tasked with executing the plan. While the majority of...
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DR Decision Tree

Use the DR Decision Tree to efficiently eliminate unsuitable models and focus on what works rather than what doesn't.

Application Assessment Tool for Cloud DR

Stop wondering about your ability to use the on-demand service and the pricing of cloud DR. Start assessing your applications to save money and resources spent on other...
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