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VidCruiter Announces Integration With iCIMS

VidCruiter, an online recruitment platform that offers video interviewing capability, has partnered with iCIMS to allow seamless data sharing between the two platforms.

Video interview capability offers several advantages, primarily an improvement to candidate experience by enabling more of a personal connection between participants when the interview must be conducted at a distance. In its latest move to improve user experience, the VidCruiter-iCIMS partnership allows customers who use both platforms to streamline their workflow by having data automatically transfer between them. This brings several advantages:

  • Removes the need for manual data handling.
  • Increases data accuracy.
  • Reduces time to hire by streamlining the interview process.

All this adds up to improved experience for both the recruiter and the candidate – a key human benefit identified in our upcoming 2020 IT Talent Trend Report, as well as our CIO Trend Report 2019.

Sean Fahey, VidCruiter CEO, summed up the move, echoing the importance of user experience: “By partnering with iCIMS, our products become even more intuitive and user-friendly, so clients have a better day-to-day experience.”

SoftwareReviews iCIMS Recruit and VidHiring, Accessed August 12, 2019

Our Take

  • VidCruiter and iCIMS partner to streamline cross-platform data integration.
  • The move brings benefits to users of both platforms by integrating VidCruiter’s video interview capabilities with iCIMS’s applicant tracking platform
  • The integration improves user experience through a more streamlined, easier and accurate workflow

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