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Tripwire’s Managed Services Now Include Vulnerability Management

Tripwire’s vulnerability management (VM) solution is now offered as-a-Service, as part of its managed Security-as-a-Service offering, ExpertOps. Prior to this, the managed services did not include vulnerability management. Now, Tripwire customers will be able to include scanning, discovery, prioritization, and reporting of vulnerabilities through their VM platform.

As with any managed service, organizations need to consider which processes they want to outsource and keep in-house. Vulnerability management is often an obvious choice to outsource for scanning and monitoring, as it can free up much of a security analyst’s time. However, keeping the prioritization and remediation decisions in-house is often recommended in order to account for organization-specific variables.

Our Take

This news may be exciting for Tripwire customers, but competitors have had cloud-based VM solutions for some time. It may not cause anyone to switch their VM platforms, but existing Tripwire customers can consider engaging these services. In addition, this tool is only one part of a larger vulnerability management program. While it can help to identify vulnerabilities and provide greater visibility, a formal program ensures that the right decisions are made for the organization.

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