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To Combat the Reactive Culture Surrounding New Data Privacy Laws, MediaPRO Releases Training on the CCPA

MediaPRO has taken the lead in the market on offering training around the impending California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), a data privacy law set to go into effect on January 1, 2020.

The CCPA provides better protection for the personal data of Californian residents. The law will allow these residents to request organizations to reveal all information that has been collected on them, exactly how that data is being used today, and how it was used in the past, including if it was sold and to whom.

The resident can then demand that the organization stop selling their data. Organizations will not be able to penalize these residents for making this request. In the event of a data breach, residents will have the ability to sue the impacted organization for damages if their personal data was affected by the breach.

According to MediaPRO, an organization must comply with the CCPA if they collect, use, or sell Californians’ data and:

  1. The organization makes $50 million or more in annual revenue, and/or
  2. The organization sells more than 100,000 customers’ personal information each year, and/or
  3. The organization receives 50% or more of their annual revenue from selling this personal information.

MediaPRO’s training focuses on helping employees and key business stakeholders understand what types of data constitute personal information, how personal information should be securely handled within the organization, and the consequences that exist under the CCPA for organizations that mishandle the personal information that they store. It should be noted that, unlike GDPR, the CCPA does not require organizations to train employees about the regulation.

Source: MediaPRO at Software Reviews

According to BusinessWire, MediaPRO wants this training to go beyond CCPA and help employees protect their personal information beyond the business. The training is offered as part of MediaPRO’s Privacy Awareness TrainingPack product.

Our Take

The CCPA is yet another privacy regulation to follow in the wake of the GDPR, and it will be far from the last. As the amount of data being collected on people around the world continues to increase, data privacy becomes increasingly important. However, releasing these laws is only the first step in changing the global culture of data privacy. The second step is for businesses to educate their employees about data privacy issues:

  • Why are these regulations being put in place?
  • How will the regulation impact them, both at work and at home?
  • Why should employees take advantage of the new freedoms CCPA creates?

Like many areas of security awareness and training, the trend is to focus training on how security and privacy impact people on a personal level. Why should they care? How is this going to change their day-to-day lives? How will this regulation help them protect themselves and their families? Focus training on providing answers to these questions – an approach MediaPRO, and many of the leaders in this market, have adopted.

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