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Tasktop Integrates Azure DevOps With Jira

Azure DevOps has expanded its ecosystem of utility tools to include Tasktop, an integration plugin that connects Jira to Azure DevOps. Tasktop allows bi-directional synching of information (like user stories, priorities, tasks, etc.) with one-click actions, without having to leave the system they are working in (Azure DevOps or Jira).

Jira and Azure DevOps are, arguably, two of the biggest names in application lifecycle management tools. Both provide strong support for managing an application’s journey from requirements to production, either as out-of-the-box functionality or as APIs to consume. Some distributed teams have faced the situation where some use Azure DevOps while the others use Jira, a fact that can very quickly lead to administrative chaos.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Tasktop

Tasktop synchronizes any work item created in Azure DevOps to Jira and vice versa. An end user can create a work item in Azure DevOps and by clicking a save button, the same work item appears in Jira. As end users make edits, add attachments, change priorities, and continue general project delivery management, Tasktop makes sure that both Jira and Azure DevOps get their respective copy of the work item updated in real time.

Our Take

Azure DevOps has successfully managed to create what may be called a sticky platform. With every new integration, they are making the decision to transition to their platform easier. The total cost of ownership for Azure DevOps is low enough and the capabilities of the platform robust enough to make Azure DevOps over take its competitors sooner than later. From documenting requirements to production deployment and now letting Jira enter its ecosystem, Azure DevOps is well poised to become the de-facto standard for project and product delivery.

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