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SOLIDWORKS Leads the 3D Electrical Design Charge

3D CAD technology isn’t a new concept for electrical design; however, most electrical designs still remain in a 2D format. There are significant benefits in integrating the design process into a single 3D model that will reduce cost, increase quality, and drive efficiencies.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D software can help you achieve a faster development process integrating your electrical and mechanical designs, whether it is about your electrical schematics, components, wire routing, and/or harness design.

Source: SoftwareReviews, Accessed August 2019

Our Take

When not treated as part of a single model, many times the electrical design becomes an afterthought that could lead to errors in the design and force a re-work. There are proven benefits of a 3D integrated design reducing cycles and development costs. A single model facilitates sharing of information, version control, and increases design accuracy.

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