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Signal Sciences Shows Off Its Next-Gen WAF and RASP at Black Hat 2019

Signal Sciences showed off its award-winning next-gen web application firewall (WAF) and runtime application self-protection (RASP) product at Black Hat 2019. In its fifth year in the unified threat management (UTM) market space, Signal Sciences has become one of the fastest-growing web application security companies, the firm claims in a press release.

As Signal Sciences is right to point out, web applications have been consistently among the top sources of breaches for the last decade. According to Verizon’s 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report, a quarter of breaches occur because of web application attacks.

Because of digital transformation into cloud and hybrid cloud architectures, it is necessary to protect hardware and software. That is where Signal Sciences comes in. According to its website:

  • Signal Sciences now protects over 25,000 web applications.
  • Signal Sciences also protects clients from over a trillion production requests per month.
  • Signal Sciences can be deployed on over 42 “cloud native and datacenter platforms.”

As more companies develop cloud-native applications, Signal Sciences gives organizations an easy-to-use layer 7 security solution in both their WAF and RASP solutions.

Our Take

Web applications are central to any web-based business, and the expansion into the cloud makes it necessary to continuously monitor your applications and to protect against data breaches. Furthermore, web application attacks, privilege misuse, and miscellaneous errors contribute to about 81% of breaches for retail organizations, showing that retailers should take note of securing their web applications more than any other industry currently.

The need to access data at any time and from any location enhances business, but web applications are an attractive target for hackers because they are easily accessible on the internet. Whereas a next-generation firewall provides a level of defense on the transport layer against attacks by improving and expanding security policies for your internal clients, a WAF and RASP specifically protect web applications from external threats within the application layer. The frequency and prevalence of breaches associated with web applications alone show the need for more security in this space.

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