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Salesforce Acquires ClickSoftware to Expand Its Field Service Management

ClickSoftware announced an agreement with the giant CRM leader Salesforce to be acquired in a $1.35 billion deal. The agreement is expected to help Salesforce improve its Service Cloud offering.

When in 2016 Salesforce decided to enter the field service management (FSM) market by launching Field Service Lightning, the company licenced some of ClickSoftware’s IPs. It looks like Salesforce preferred using a third-party FSM product rather than developing homegrown software. This deal shows the pivotal role of FSM in digital change.

Our Take

It is very interesting to see the giant CRM tool moving towards FSM. Why didn’t Salesforce buy ClickSoftware in 2016? There could be multiple reasons: In 2015, Microsoft bought FieldOne, while the year before that, Oracle acquired TOA Technologies. This would cause Salesforce’s big purchase be ignored. Now, after three years, the company is feeling the need to penetrate the manufacturing sector, and field service would play important role. This deal can now provide Salesforce with significant value through the acquisition announcements. On the other hand, the agreement enables ClickSoftware to grow due to Salesforce’s impact on the IT market.

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