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Sage Earns Top Rated ERP Award From TrustRadius While Not Being Even Listed at Other Sources. Why?

A growing number of SaaS vendors offer cafeteria-style modular capabilities, which makes ERP selection very challenging. On top of that, the term "ERP" itself is becoming washed out, due to no clear definition of what constitutes an ERP, besides its vendor’s labeling as such.

Case in point: as of March 2019, Sage Intacct Earned Two Top Rated Awards from TrustRadius, but other sources that deal with ERP reviews do not even have Sage listed, not to mention its topmost ranking. What's wrong with this picture? And how can one rely on such controversial assessments when shopping for an ERP solution?

Sage Intacct includes accounting features like expense management, accounts payable/receivable, and fixed asset management, which can be expanded to project accounting, inventory management, and more. So the software offers solid financial management capabilities for a mid-sized company. But is this enough to be called an "ERP"? And if not, how many capabilities (or features) does an enterprise application need to have to qualify for an "ERP" label?

Our Take

My answer to that dilemma is that the "ERP" label does not really matter. Enterprises look for certain capabilities and features, and whether something is called ERP or FMS or…whatever…should have no bearing on their choices. Info-Tech Research Group offers capability-based software vendor reviews, which take the application selection conversation to the proper context of business needs, as opposed to controversial marketing labels.

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