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Review: Talkdesk’s On the Go

On October 21, 2020, Talkdesk demoed On the Go, the latest addition to its cloud-based contact center solution CX Cloud. On the Go layers on top of CX Cloud, enhancing remote work and device agnostic use for agents. Indeed, On the Go enables agents to switch seamlessly between their desktop, mobile, tablet, and smart watch – not only for inbound and outbound calling, but also for CRM information and taking advantage of voice-activated virtual assistants (such as Siri). Agents can thus be working and travelling remotely while using their devices’ virtual assistants for convenience in making and receiving calls.

Key capabilities of On the Go include:

  • One-click access to customer information
  • Built-in call notes
  • Device agnosticism and seamless switching between devices
  • Voice-activated virtual assistant integration
  • iOS shortcuts integration

Our Take

The rationale of Taskdesk’s On the Go is appealing. Interoperability across devices with multiple ways to access information certainly moves in the right direction for optimizing remote agents’ workload and thereby the customer experience they can provide. Indeed, given SoftwareReviews’ data shows that CX Cloud was the lowest rated CCaaS software, On the Go could provide a boost.

Source: SoftwareReviews Talkdesk CX Cloud Scorecard. Accessed: October 26, 2020.

However, this boost is qualified with the notion that On the Go’s success may be tied to the limitations of voice-activated virtual assistants. In non-professional settings, Apple users do not necessarily trust Siri 100% to make calls – any mishearing can lead to embarrassing situations. There are legions of online forums that speak to this worry.

Implementing voice-activated voice assistant capabilities for On the Go risks transposing that anxiety into a professional setting. This is especially when the agent has a large contact book – confusion with similar sounding names or accidentally calling the wrong number does not lend itself to good customer service. Such a capability may end up becoming moot, with agents choosing to manually call a number to avoid any risk of this happening.

Consequently, despite the initial appeal and flexibility to On the Go, its success may be tied up with how effective virtual assistants are.

Source: SoftwareReviews CCaaS Data Quadrant. Accessed: October 26, 2020.

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