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Ranorex Studio Release Focuses on Testing Productivity

Ranorex Studio provides quality assurance (QA) teams with a framework to implement, manage, and orchestrate automated testing. A full version release with enhanced and new features is made at the beginning of each year, and minor releases and updates are completed throughout the year to address issues and bugs. Third-party integrations are limited compared to other vendors (such as Micro Focus and Microsoft), but its list of integration partners is slowly expanding with every release, including TestRails (release 8.1.0) and JIRA (release 9.1.0).

Release 9.1 earlier this year enhances the testing experience with improved integrations, monitoring features, and scripting capabilities. Notable new features include:

  • Automatically identify, analyze, manage, and track user interface (UI) elements of an application in order to define and execute UI tests. This feature is performed with the Ranorex Spy and RanoreXPath tools.
  • Integrate Ranorex Studio with Jira and create issues for test cases manually or automatically.
  • Monitor failed or passed test cases in real-time, including the number of test containers already executed, their status, and time elapsed.

Release 9.1 builds upon the significant improvements of release 9.0 made in early 2019, such as:

  • Visualization of the time to execute test operations for continuous improvement
  • JxBrowser support
  • Shadow DOM support
  • Dynamic ID recognition for web elements to improve the robustness of test cases
  • Ability to record videos of all test cases or just failed test cases
  • Support for using target frameworks up to .NET 4.7.2, compiling C# 7.0, and building with MSBuild 15

Our Take

Ranorex may not be the biggest player in the space, but its dedicated focus on the testing space makes it a serious option for managing test automation. This vendor is transparent on the growth and evolution of its Ranorex Studio product and strives to deliver features that users want. It is yet to be seen where and how Ranorex Studio will evolve in the future.

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