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Quest KACE’s Latest Updates to Simplify Service Management

Quest Software has announced its newest updates, KACE SDA 7.0 and KACE SMA 9.1, which enhance their features, apply Linux scripted installs, and automate systems management.

Multiplatform IT and device management has progressed drastically over the past years, facilitating disk imaging for IT departments. This has led to development of a support system to provide IT teams with effective management. With KACE SDA and KACE SMA, IT staff can complete the lifecycle of all devices connected to the network. This reduces operational costs and augments security of connected devices. This automation reduces complexity, improves accuracy, and helps IT staff to focus on other important projects.

KACE SDA 7.0 enables customers to take their existing WIM images and apply the deployment process with more flexibility. On the other hand, KACE SMA 9.1 helps customers to merge tickets, apply HTML formats in emailed tickets, and access new mobile device management (MDM) fields. The new version is also compatible with newer OS versions such as Windows 10 and macOS 10.14.

Our Take

The updated version of KACE offers an easier, faster, and more comprehensive endpoint management solution, which is a big step for automating systems management. With these updates, large-scale system deployment gets automated and migrations become simpler.

KACE has been a go-to for many mid-sized organizations, in most cases through their relationships with Dell before Quest was divested. Client feedback offered in SoftwareReviews suggests customers have not been overly happy with the product lines; these updates provide much-needed additional functionality. Although these updates are big achievements in systems management, they may not be enough to alter Quest’s competitiveness for new business.

Source: SoftwareReviews Category Report, Published February 2019

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