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Puppet Bets on Continuing Complexity

Enterprise IT environments are complex – and Puppet thinks that’s not going to change anytime soon.

Puppet CTO Deepak Giridharagopal says that the company’s product roadmap is focused on enabling its customers to cope with this increasing complexity. Giridharagopal wants Puppet to be “something that thrives in a heterogeneous world.”

Puppet is a privately held software company whose solutions include the open-core Puppet and the more fully-featured Puppet Enterprise. Its open-core tool, Puppet, began as a tool for automating configuration management. Puppet’s solution set has expanded into the broader space of infrastructure automation, including features such as provisioning and container orchestration.

“Everything is increasingly becoming a distributed system,” Giridharagopal says. “The tools need to evolve in order to be able to cope with that.”

Accordingly, Puppet is focused on a future that includes orchestration of various tasks, not just provisioning of infrastructure resources.

Source: SoftwareReviews, Accessed July 22, 2019

Our Take

We all know that Legacy exists for a reason – and it isn’t disappearing any time soon.

As enterprises continue to move to the cloud, while retaining workloads in their own data centers, the quantity and variety of infrastructure resources will increase.

As a result, environments will continue to become more complex and IT’s job gets harder, not easier.

Info-Tech expects that infrastructure automation tools like Puppet will compete over which are best able to manage this increasing complexity.

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