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Proofpoint and CrowdStrike Partner to Protect Email and Endpoints

On September 4, Proofpoint announced its partnership with CrowdStrike to offer advanced threat protection across email and endpoints.

In Proofpoint’s press release, it states that the integration will be quick and simple to enable, via cloud-to-cloud APIs, and that joint customers will be able to leverage detection engines in concert to stop attacks. The integration will happen in phases, with the first integration involving Proofpoint’s advanced Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) security intelligence feeding threat intelligence on malicious email attachments into CrowdStrike Falcon®. Proofpoint will add unique new hashes to the customer’s custom intelligence and an alert will be created if new related malicious content tries to execute on the device.

Our Take

Today, 94% of malware is delivered through email. Reasons that hackers frequently use email as a means to gain access to company assets is because it is (1) cheap, (2) low effort, and (3) effective. To defend against email attacks, organizations commonly deploy an email security gateway (ESG). However, solely relying on an ESG to protect you from malicious email attacks is naïve, specifically when it comes to dynamic and advanced threats such as fileless malware, impersonation campaigns, and polymorphic malware.

To detect, prevent, and block malicious activities stemming from email, a layered security approach must be employed by organizations. At the very least, this involves deploying an ESG and an endpoint protection platform in tandem – if your ESG is unable to capture the malicious contents of email, we have an endpoint platform as a backup solution to stopping and remediating the attack. As phishing and social engineering attacks are top areas of concern for businesses, the partnership between CrowdStrike and Proofpoint could not have come at a better time for joint customers.

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