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Mouseflow Adds Live Heatmaps to Web Analytics Platform

Heatmaps have been a big topic of conversation for many web analytics users. The ability to quickly see unique insights is extremely valuable, especially when dealing with large and complex data sets. Mouseflow aims to do just that with its new live heatmap function, granting users a unique view into the customer journey of their website visitors.

Mouseflow’s unique heatmap technology exceeds traditional heatmap images, giving users the ability to see their heatmap as an overlay on their live website. This allows users to see their Mouseflow data as they navigate their own website in real time. Users can with ease and in real-time visualize how and where visitors interact and what pain points their website may have.

Mouseflow’s heatmap overlay supports the visualization of many dynamic elements such as single page applications, drop-down menus, and Iframes. This support combined with its customizable functionality allows users to see their heatmap data even as live website content is being changed. For example, adding an item to your cart will cause the overlay heatmap to be updated with the data to reflect how visitors interact on the website with an item in their cart.

Here is a sample view of what the live heatmap overlay would look like on your website to give you an instant read of visitor patterns:

Source: Mouseflow, retrieved on February 18, 2020

Source: Mouseflow at SoftwareReviews, retrieved on February 18, 2020

Our Take

Mouseflow has proven itself again and again with its growth and innovation in the web analytics space. With its new live heatmaps, it gives its users the ability to easily visualize and understand how individuals interact with their websites – critical insights for converting visitors into customers – making it a frontrunner in this product landscape.

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