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Launch of Awareness Tracker by Nymity Signals a New Era of Privacy Software

Nymity expands its product offering with the introduction of new privacy compliance solutions.

Nymity, an established privacy software provider, has launched three new solutions aimed at easing the effort of regulatory compliance. The solutions launched in late April 2019 included:

  • An Awareness Tracker solution
  • Enhanced Data Subject Requests solution
  • Next Generation Research & Alerts

Critically, the Awareness Tracker solution appears to be the first of its kind in the privacy software space. The Awareness Tracker eliminates the need for privacy professionals to continually update, inform, and train stakeholders on the ever-changing privacy landscape. Instead, stakeholders receive customized privacy stories each week based on their location, department, and role. With the use of machine learning, the Awareness Tracker continually integrates the stakeholder’s feedback to provide refined articles each week, tailored to their individual interests.

Following this announcement, many competitors in the GDPR Compliance and Privacy Software categories will be interested in refining their service offerings.

Source: SoftwareReviews GDPR Compliance, Report Published May 2019

Our Take

The Awareness Tracker is a welcomed addition. Privacy and compliance solutions are a vastly underserved market that is primed for disruption. The few vendors in this space offer similar solutions with minor differences in their approach.

Nymity’s addition of the Awareness Tracker signals that the organization understands what both privacy consumers and associated non-privacy stakeholders are interested in. Compliance with privacy regulations is not a one-time effort. Nymity’s new solution allows the privacy office to continually train and guide their critical stakeholders on up-to-date regulatory changes.

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