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Jira Brings Its Capabilities Closer to Where Developers Spend Their Day

Source: Atlassian Jira at SoftwareReviews. Accessed December 2019

Atlassian Jira has taken an important step throughout 2019: bringing Jira Software and Bitbucket capabilities to Visual Studio (VS) Code.

Atlassian has delivered this through a plugin for VS Code in February 2019 and has updated the plugin consistently since its initial release. In most recent updates, server and data center deployments of Bitbucket and Jira are supported along with additional issue configurations.

Key capabilities include the following:

1. Jira software issues displayed directly in VS Code

The Jira issue explorer allows developers to quickly and easily create, view, and edit issues without leaving the comfort of their IDE. Atlassian recognizes that teams work in a variety of different ways. To that end, developers can write their own custom JQL query to return the issues important to them.

2. Bitbucket pull requests and CI/CD pipelines

Additional key development activities are available without requiring developers to leaving the VS Code IDE. Developers can review open pull requests, leveraging the built-in capabilities of VS Code to provide a consistent development experience.

Additionally, build pipelines can be reviewed, with builds being easily initiated. If there are any issues, build logs are close at hand to where the developer’s code is to ensure a quicker turnaround time.

3. Inline issue access

Atlassian recognizes that developers will write comments referring to Jira issues. This comes with the challenge of remembering to create the issue, along with the challenge of discoverability when developers come back to items days or weeks later.

The plugin enables developers to create Jira issues inline while writing comments in the IDE so that items do not get lost.

Additionally, those that come back to a code snippet days or weeks later can easily see the details on the referenced issue without having to leave the IDE.

4. Simplified workflows through linking of Jira and Bitbucket

Atlassian recognizes common developer workflows that can be time consuming and error prone when done manually. From the issue view, developers can now set the issue status, set up the Git branch, and get started immediately.

Source: Application Lifecycle Management at SoftwareReviews. Accessed December 2019

Our Take

Some circles believe that effective processes alone can lead to better outcomes and quicker time to value. However, effective software supporting the way people work is equally as important.

Through the Atlassian for VS Code plugin, Atlassian has effectively streamlined the developer workflow when working within VS Code.

Info-Tech believes that plugins such as this support a lean development approach, where wasteful activities are minimized to ensure a more rapid delivery of value.

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